Optimistic Year, 2011 Calendar

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Studio Wesley Meyer’s first limited edition calendar, Optimistic Year, is now available. I hope 2011 brings continued success to everyone. The ‘Optimistic Year’ calendar embodies this hope. The design provides a command view of the entire year to plan opportunities and future successes. The bold up/right arrow, a graphic indication of progress and growth, indicates the optimistic direction of this year.

The calendar is a limited run of letterpress prints done by the talented Dependable Letterpress here in San Francisco.

Dependable Letterpress is a den of quality obsessed artisans in the Dog Patch. I worked with the owner, Joel Benson, while the prints where on press to perfect the edition. Careful attention was given to cultivate the unique depth and character that letterpress printing offers to the page.

The final result is a print crafted to my own high quality standards, but also given breathing room to allow the “life” and organic variation that makes each impression unique on a letterpress. I would also add, that simply watching Joel’s beautiful vintage Heidelberg presses is a real treat.

The calendars are on their way to clients and friends currently. If you’d like your own copy, please contact me and I’ll send one along. Happy New Year.