The Yard: 2013 Designer Planner

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I felt very lucky to be presented with a copy The Yard’s 2013 Designer Planner while on a recent trip to Amman. This beautiful limited edition planner set is the brainchild of the clever folks at and features the work of 12 regional artists.

Each set consists of 12 individual monthly notebooks, in which the covers of each were designed by 12 designers and artists handpicked by The Yard. The selected individuals were asked to reflect their style/identity and relate to their background as modern day Arabs through the use of one distinct color of their choice, along with a mandated black color.

The 12 artists featured are:

Talal Obeid

May Al Qassar

Osama Hadid

Sara Al Arif

Yousef Al Ibrahim

Tareq Al Sultan

dh-c (The Doghouse Collective)

Abdalla Abdulrahman

Rayah Al Azzouni

Jassim Al Saddah

Ali Cha’aban

Farah K. Behbehani

Each monthly planner contains a calendar for 2013, planner pages for each day of the month and additional pages to jot down notes. The covers of the notebook planners are produced using recycled brown paper and the name and signature of the 12 participating designers are printed on each notebook. Each set of the 12 monthly notebooks is numbered and packaged in beautiful corrugated paper and ribbon.

I’m really pleased to see a design object that reflects the modern and youthful culture of the Middle East. It’s got great typography, clever graphics and just enough cheeky social commentary to say it’s a 10/10 in my book. Good luck to all the artists and I hope 2013 is a great year for them. If you think I’m crazy for not being able to actually write in it…get your own.