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What do you do?

I design wayfinding and signage programmes. Signage is big part of what I do but my approach to a complete design solution involves placemaking, brand communication, environmental graphics, experinece design and digital technologies that connection to other networks (mobile, social media, etc). I manage projects from strategy and concept design through to final fabricatoin.

Anything else?

I’m a skilled leader and project manager. I’m a photographer. I write. I do 3D modeling

What makes you special?

I listen and I’m strategic. When I do something I know why it’s right. I break rules. I understand art, business and people.

Can I see your portfolio?

Have a look at my project list for broader scope of my experience. I’ve selected a few featured projects to showcase here on my website.

Are you expensive?


Do you have a sense of humor?

Yes 🙂

Is that all?

I think design is a career and a community. I’m an active member of SDS and SEGD. I blog here and will be publishing more material in the future.

I live in Shrewsbury and work for FRA.